Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Udaan: The Music

Music Director:
Amit Trivedi
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya

1. Kahaani (03:29)
Singers: Joi Barua, Neuman Pinto
Superb Guitar, Superb Singing. Listen to this when you are upset with the things such as "life" around you. This perfect match of strings and lyrics will activate your tear glands, and then you'll feel "Why the hell this song is so short?"

2. Geet (04:57)
Singers: Amit Trivedi, Amitabh Bhattacharya
A single word - Inspirational!

3.Udaan (05:00)
Singer: Amit Trivedi, Neuman Pinto, Joi Barua
Perfect Rock! Good chorus. Electronic Guitar used brilliantly. May feel noisy in bits and pieces.

4. Naav (04:14)
Singer: Mohan
The most innovative composition ever heard. Electronic guitar, Basses, Piano with a classical Sufi-ish vocal leaves you amazed. Soulful Lyrics.

5.Motumaster (05:17)
Singers: Raman, Amitabh, Bonnie, Kshitij, Shriram, Tochi, Anurag
Excellent! Yes, I am serious. This is an unusual track which will never occur in Bollywood again.
Perfect lyrics for a young gang to bully. Pucca listen.

6. Aazadiyan (05:39)
Singers: Amit Trivedi, Neuman Pinto, Amitabh Bhattacharya
This may be referred as the second version of Kahaani. Another fine score, particularly the sitar.

7. Theme (02:47)
This can be a great background music for the movie but not a track to listen on your iPod. Not a justifying track for instruments.

This might be an Udaan for Amit's career. Repetitive use of instruments and vocals makes the album near to monotonous. Two or more songs may listen the same. Blame it on the arranger or the director himself! Amit has created his own genre with the innovative use of instruments (if you ignore the monotonousness!) Some tracks of this album are worth mention in Indian Music.
All you need to enjoy this album is just a "Marine Drive view in Mumbai" or a long car ride, in rains! An album of the generation.

Rating: * * * * 

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