Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Do Dooni Chaar

Director: Habib Faisal
Cast: Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Kapoor, Archit Krishna, Aditi Vasudev

The charming Rishi-Neetu jodi of the retro era is back as on-screen couple. This time not to show off their romantic spirit but to entertain with a cult. Santosh Duggal (Rishi Kapoor) is a Delhi based teacher who gets merely paid for teaching Maths at school and is compelled to do a side job at a private coaching centre. However, he finds it difficult to manage the "maths" of his home. This middle class family tries to get some more from their minimum income. They wish to have chicken on their dinner plate as a celebration of their Income Tax Refund of Rs. 7600, with which Mrs. Duggal (Neetu Kapoor) wants to invest in a new fridge, the daughter (played by Aditi Vasudev) wants to have an i-Pod whereas the young son Sandeep (Archit Krishna) wishes to have a Dish TV!!! Unfortunately they have to compromise this celebration to spend this new income for a marriage at Mr. Duggal's married sister's home in Meerut, who wants them to come to the marriage in a car! Here strikes the crisis!!!

Mr. Duggal is convinced by his wife to accept this crisis by borrowing their neighbour's car which is miscarried by them at the last moment of giving it back and in this muhalla quarrel with the neighbour (played by Akhilendra Mishra), Mr. Santosh Duggal in his fit of rage challenges himself to buy a new car! Crisis strikes again!!!

But all through this, the screenplay rises with insight of each member of the family in which the young son earns secretly by betting on matches, uses iPhone, lures girlfriend, enjoys life! The daughter is a kind of protagonist of this story telling, who is always attracted by luxury, and finds it shameful to get a ride at her dad's scooter. This young actors are energetic on their part. Neetu Kapoor leaves you delighted with her work as a compromising Punjabi housewife. Rishi Kapoor knows himself well and the character.

Mr. Duggal tries every possible way to earn some money as a lottery for the down payment for a new car; from unpacking hundreds of 555 washing powder to try his luck to win the first prize of a brand new car-- to getting bribed by a student by giving him just passing marks. But fails! The bribe scene ends with a melodrama in McDonalds and brings the screenplay to an ending note which is quite predictable and lasts for some more time.

From the critical eyes, one may notice Mr. Duggal's character not- so- strict money spending or saving tactics which brings him off the middles class tag. The movie showcases economics theory and emotions of a family in just convincing way. The background score is throbbing and cinematography is suitable. Art-direction is what worth noticing, from their middle class home, to the Punjabi wedding. The film roams around the single car problem till the end which reduces it's entertainment quotient. Direction remains on an dissatisfying pitch which doesn't cares of the object and character utilization but remains focused on the story telling. This is where you'll pucca miss the Cult-King Hrishikesh Mukherjee and the witty Dibakar Banerjee's Khosla Ka Ghosla. This movie is lovable for it's simpleness.

Dont bunk your class to watch this(as I did), rather enjoy it with your family!

Rating: * * *


Shruti said...

You write so well..!! Thanks for the review..!! :) :)

Anup Pandey said...

Thanks a lot!!! :)