Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jhootha Hi Sahi

Director: Abbas Tyrewala
Cast: John Abraham, Pakhi Tyrewala

It's a friend group. It's love. It's Abbas Tyrewala.
And this time, with his wife Pakhi not only in the lead role, but also as the scriptwriter of the movie. Pakhi's screenplay was sensitive enough, but it was hard to grip on her own character. Let's discuss it later.

Right in the beginning, Sid(John) is waken up by three suicidal callers (well executed by Imran, Ritiesh, Abhishek), as his phone number being exchanged by the suicide helpline "Dost India". He convinces the three celebrities well and another celebrity in the special appearance , Nandana Sen, as the manager of Dost India convinces Sid to carry this job. It becomes his full time job and his actual job as a book seller at "Kaagaz Ke Phool" (that doesn't sell Deepak Chopra) seems to get part time when Mishka(Pakhi) becomes his regular caller. Sid meets Pakhi at the bookstore and becomes his friend as Siddharth but remains an another friend "Fidato"at the phone. Now he lies to befriend her in two ways of which Siddharth becomes her lover. This is the only plot of the 2 1/2 hour long run movie with some added spices as best friend Omar(Raghu), ex girl-friend Krutika, Omar's sister Aliya, Aliya's lover Nick, gay friend Amit. The first half of the movie heads with introduction, friendly dialogues, 2 peppy songs, lovable moments (especially the dinner with Sid & Mishka), and is more engaging (rather than "boring" as some say).

Start the second half, enters complications, fun, second special appearance of R. Madhavan as Kabir (Mishka's ex), some more love and the whole entertainment level remains the same till the last 1/2 hour.
The last 1/2 hour of the screenplay is the time when you'll think:
1. Why the 'Tissot' brand hoarding, which says "One Life" is pictured in so many shots?
2. Why Mishka's character is so unrealistic as a girl who cares about her lover, loves being loved? Is she an idiot to realize it so late or she was ignoring the fact?
3. Why there has to be a chunk of melodrama even when it is a B'wood flick located in London?
4. Why A R Rahman melts up your heart, bring tears into your eyes, makes you stand on your toes, with his background score when there's love & romance on the screen?

Indeed, it is musically more enjoyable than the story does. Abbas was in poetic essence while directing this movie. Portrayal of characters other than the lead Mishka has certain depth. However, the performances, particularly Aliya and Omar, is worth watch. A lovable watch.

Please don't follow the celebrated critics who (I suppose) didn't get their pockets heavy this time for reviewing it- stupids, jerks, clown or may be sorry!!!

Rating: * * * 


Shruti said...

I so very much agree to you Anup.. I too enjoyed the movie.. Sometimes the critics are to be ignored..!!

(I am a great fan of your writing.. Please keep writing.. You are skilled and definitely has potential to it..!!)

Anup Pandey said...

Thanx for reading my post.
Yes, I must say the Indian critics are worse than the filmmakers.

(A Humble thanks. :))

arun said...

thnx alot bro for this review..m gonna watch it a bit dejected by all reviews bt nw i cnt wait to watch sadly jhs is gonna b a flop due to dese so called critics..hate dem of dem infact said dat d main prob wid d movie is d uninspiring score of rahman sir...i ws lik shocked to read dat..if music of jhs is uninspiring den wat d hell do u want???