Wednesday, January 26, 2011

7 Khoon Maaf: Music

Music Director: Vishal Bhardwaj
Lyrics: Gulzar

When this combo happens, we hardly face disappointments; though there had been some monotonousness. Expectations remain constant: 1 Vishal Bhardwaj, 1 or 2 Rekha Bhardwaj, 1 Sukhwinder Singh or Suresh Wadkar. Check in this album to find some innovations.

1.Darling (03:28)
Singers: Usha Uthup, Rekha Bhardwaj
Say innovation, listen to this. Rekha has done many folks. This time, it's Russian. And to take this to next level, we have Usha Uthup. Both are competitevely pith perfect and seems that this track is particularly composed for them, or vice-versa.

2. Bekaraan (06:26)
Singer: Vishal Bhardwaj
For the 1st time, when you listen to this track, you'll find it just another Vishal-Gulzar magic. But, you'll definitely listen to it for 2nd time to get the thoughtful lyrics. Repeat it to 3rd time and listen to Vishal's lowest note yet, beautiful singing. Play again. Get engrossed into delightful layers of sounds. You are now compelled to play it for 5th time, and you'll realize that you are already transported to heaven!

3.O' Mama (04:54)
Singers: K.K., Clinton Cerejo
Music is rock. Lyrics are dark It's not Amit Trivedi. Vishal hits such hard rock for the first time and goes perfect. Level raises with time and a sudden stop completes the mood of the track. "Ek Meow Si Ladki!"

Singer: Master Saleem
This genre is not new in a Vishal Bhardwaj album, but the singer is. It could have been Sukhwinder Singh or Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Is this the innovation we expected? Whatever. Saleem isn't as "master" as Singh or Ali Khan.However, a thumping score, indeed.

5. Tere Liye (05:43)
Singer: Suresh Wadkar
Now, particularly for this song, you need to be mature enough to enjoy it to the core. Intricated layers of "heart-melting" lyrics, weaved well into Suresh's velvet voice emanates "delightful-ness". Chords aren't unique. Maachis, Chachi 420, Omkara or Kaminey - it resembles all. Moreover, it's a poem more than a song.

6. Dil Dil Hai (03:06)
Singer: Suraj Jagan
Heavy metal rock. Truely new in Bollywood. Scores well. Ultimate concert-feel. From 02:25 to 02:35, you are deeply drowned in this new genre of B'wood. Lyrics hits much hard. "Sau Jannaton ke kaabil hai, Dil Kabhi Masti, Dil Kabhi Mastak".

7. Yeshu (06:27)
Singer: Rekha Bhardwaj
A haunting score. Interludes gives the actual feel. This is the one, if you are looking for that typical "Rekha Bhardwaj song" in a "Vishal Bhardwaj album". No wonder, it resembles to their earlier records.

8. Doosri Darling (03:04)
Singers: Usha Uthup, Rekha Bhardwaj
The "extra" version of Darling. Much more vibrant music. Variations gives a roller coaster ride. Pleasant interludes.

9.O' Mama -Acoustic (01:50)
Singer: K.K.
Acoustic blue version of the actual dark rock. Acoustic Guitar and K.K.'s soothing voice makes your ears feel good.

Great variety of genres. Russian folk- derived- track strikes the new feature of the album. Though once used in B'wood (Pyaar Me Sau Uljhane - S.E.L.), VB has better reason for it (PC has a Russian husband). Album is smartly arranged. Lyrics are consistently fine in each track. Bhardwaj never let you down when you desperately wait for his album. He is, indeed, one of the finest composers of India.

Rating: * * * *


Unknown said...

Gr8 review.. you are one of the few who got that Dil dil hai is a break thru song for Bollywood.. you do know your music.. I wish the 'professional critics' had a keen ear as yours. I am a listner of various kinds of music & I have noticed that our music critics often dismiss a song just becoz they are not familiar with the genre.. or dont like the genre.. its sad...

Unknown said...

I agree, Bollywood and Rock music are at poles apart. I admire VB for such innovation and composing it in such inspiring way. Hope that this song is welcomed and get it's due. Thank you!