Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tanu Weds Manu: Music

Music: Krsna
Lyrics: Rajshekhar

Tanu Weds Manu, as they say, is supposed to be a romantic-comedy flick. Expectations from the music remained on the standards of Pritam. After listening to each track, it would be insult of this debut music director if I mention Pritam anywhere near to him. Sorry.

1.Saddi Gali (04:24)
Singer: Lehmber Hussainpuri
If you have heard this, and you feel it's mind-blowing or whatever blah blah...let me tell you it's the second rate song of the whole album, technically. Irritating DJ-ed vocal. Dhols, though, gives a thump. A desi style composition could have invited you for a Bhangra, but you are solicited to just tap your feet or warm up in party.

2.Yun Hi (04:20)
Singer: Mohit Chauhan
A nasal start. Feel good composition. Lyrics does the blushing romance with the music. Some humming after 03:05 goes off the genre. On the whole, it makes your ears happy. 

3. Rangrez (06:12)
Singer: Krsna
Right from the beginning, the music asks you to be engaged. The singer, who also happens to be the composer of the album, sounds alcoholically drunk. But, very soon, you are intoxicated to this track. The composer and the singer, both, knows himself very well! It's the lyrics for which a qawalli is known. And Rajshekhar has done it. "Rangrez mere Do Ghar kyu rahe, Ek hi Rang me Dono Ghar Rang de!"

4.Piya (05:29)
Singer: Roop Kumar Rathod
Starts with a beautiful Sitar. A blunt sound of single string. Roop Kumar then starts embroidering his rich voice on the fabric of this classical composition. This soundtrack demands moods of monsoon. 

5.Mannu Bhaiya (04:49)
Singers: Sunidhi Chauhan, Niladri Debnath, Ujjaini Mukherjee, Rakhi Chand, Vivek Naik
A folk track. Compositon standards meets with that of A.R.Rahman. (Not kidding. Listen to the basses and after 01:35 and experience the twists in the vocals.) The male vocal seems inspired from Sukhwinder Singh style of singing. Lyrics has a great sense of humor and intelligence. No one will mind if you tap your feet on this track.

6.Jugni (03:10)
Singer: Mika
Based on the famous Punjabi folk song, Jugni. (Oye Lucky Lucky Oye had a similar track). Lyrics bring smiles. Music is grooving. 

7.Rangrez (Hey Rangrez Mere Hey) (06:24)
Singers: Wadali Brothers (Pyare Lal Wadali, Puranchand Wadali)
After seeing singer's name, you hardly have complaints from the song. As said early, composition is intoxicating. Wadali Bros. delivers the real feel of a Qawalli concert. 

Hardly any debutante composer and lyricist delivers a hit and meet such standards. They are, indeed, very promising. Thank you, Krishna..oops Krsna, for re-introducing Hindustani classical compositions into Indian Film Industry. The over-all genre of the album remains stagnant to classical and folk, which is something surely unexpected from an album of romantic-comedy flick. This album surely deserves ears and ultimate accolades. 

Rating: * * * *

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beautiful lyrics by rajshekhar...