Saturday, June 11, 2011

Delhi Belly: Music

Music: Ram Sampath
Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya, Akshat Verma, Munna Dhiman

1.Bhaag DK Bose, Aandhi Aayi (04:02)
Singer: Ram Sampath
By now, this number is the anthem among youth for its extreme catchiness. “Saabun ki shakal meine, beta tu toh nikla keval jhaag” by Amitabh Bhattacharya is the most catchy lyrics to be heard after a long time in Bollywood music. Exciting strings in the interludes. The drums and in-fact the whole vibrations feels similar to that of Amit Trivedi’s Attyachar (Dev D).

2.Nakkadwaley Disco, Udhaarwaley Khisko (03:58)
Singer: Keerthi Sagathia
This track sounds funny, non-sense , interesting , all at same time. The classically oriented vocal tries to scratch the rustiness of this track to shine. Some more work on the sounds of this track could have done better.

3.Saigal Blues (03:55)
Singer: Chetan Shashithal
The finest track of the album is here. The singer beautifully mimics the ‘30s singer KL Saigal to lend his voice for such pensive lyrics. Blended with western guitar, the track is reminiscent.

4.Bedardi Raja (02:58)
Singer: Sona Mohapatra
Starts with the sound that emanates aroma of soil and the vocal drenches it. Interesting beats that sounds similar to Vishal Bhardwaj’s Ibn-e-Batuta (Ishqiya).

5.Jaa Chudail (03:18)
Singer: Suraj Jagan
American rock and Suraj Jagan’s voice hints of another Vishal Bhardwaj’s Dil Dil Hai (7 Khoon Maaf). The lyricist cuts it directly, with no effort of penning it more creepy or dark. Suraj has also tried experimenting his vocal chords here. Fascinating part remains with the sitar in the interludes.

6. Tere Siva (04:39)
Singers: Ram Sampath, Tarannum Malik
An easy-listening track. The reverberations are new and sync very well with the vocals. The fusion at the end, is again very appealing.

7. Switty Tera Pyaar Chaida (02:53)
Singers: Keerthi Sagathia, Ram Sampath
This Punjabi number with lively vocals moulded in the bouncy track and such jokey and contemplative lyrics continues the genre of the album.

8. I Hate You (Like I Love You) (05:50)
Singers: Keerthi Sagathia, Sona Mohapatra, Shazneen Arethna, Aamir Khan
A very captivating start in a Qawalli mood, but the sudden alteration of the track with Aamir’s humorous lines and the western –desi mix persist to tell a Bollywood story for the moment. Changes again, to synthesize Qawalli with the western beats. Remains with the top favorite tracks of the album

9. Bedardi Raja -Grind Mix (03:04)
Singer: Sona Mohapatra
Eliminates every folk elements from the original track and synthesizes with hip-hop style beats.

10. Switty –Punk (03:30)
Singer: Keerthi Sagathia, Ram Sampath
Electronic guitar replaces the bouncy vibrations of the original track. On the constant level, it is more of a noisy and avoidable track of the album.

Almost a year ago, after listening to Motu Master (Udaan), I felt such insulting lyrics by Anurag Kashyap, will never happen again in Bollywood music. Amitabh Bhattacharya, who was the co-lyricist of Udaan, has tried on the similar note with Bhaag DK Bose. Ram Sampath has worked smartly on this album to cut his way between the genres of Amit Trivedi and Vishal Bhardwaj with many heavy inspirations. Almost every track treats with a candy –like humor pretending to be dark that makes it near to cheekiness. Repititive use of one singer for many track, somewhere, hinders the innovation we seek in an album. With what it delivers, Saigal Blues is the track that shines in the box.


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