Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Delhi Belly

Holy Shit!

Cast: Imran Khan, Kunal Roy Kapoor, Vir Das, Shenaz Treasury, Poorna Jagantahan, Vijay Raaz
Direction: Abhinay Deo

Unlike any Rohit Shetty or Sajid Khan movie, where jokes are hammered onto your head with a cheap background sound that is painful for your ears; this movie with what it has is fun-ride just because humor, here erupts from incidences and situations.

Talking about the storyline, this is just another movie that involves gangsters (who always misunderstand), diamonds (misplaced with the wrong person), a hero-who walks away with the heroine, and comedy is bounded to find a way. Two journo-photographers dealing with crime racket (Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro), some diamond chasing (every B'wood comedy flick, originally Victoria No. 203), and some Hera-Pheri (climax): with all this on the plot, and some farts & shit, director Abhinay Deo (who happened to be the director of a flop- Game, early this year) conveys it with 3 room-mates: Nitin (Kunal Roy Kapoor), Arup (Vir Das) and Tashi (Imran Khan) .
 Uncomplicated yet engaging, the script by Akshat Verma blends the story and dialogues among 3 young friends so naturally that abuses and rude humor is very obvious. A young friend group as seen in Dil Chahta Hai, Rang De Basanti or 3 Idiots doing only saale, kaminey and bhen-de-takkey is like a Pundit just not having a chicken on Saturday. So unnatural. This language can be heard among any young guys in India; but was always away from the Indian cinema just for the sake of Indian culture and the fucking Indian Censor Board.

My favorite track from the album by Chetan "Saigal" Shashithal does enough justice to portray the rented room by 3 lazy guys. Moving on with the film, Kunal Roy Kapoor's character Nitin suffers from diarrhoea, captures some illicit photos of his landlord (played by Paresh Ganatra) to become his highest moral authority, shits around and delivers one of the strong performances on screen. Taashi is somehow happy with his girlfriend Sonia (played by Shenaz Treasury), till Meneka (Poorna Jaganathan) enters his work & personal life, who wants to escape from her ex-husband Rajiv (played by Rahul Singh). Poorna is again who delivers hard. Arup (Vir) is the cartoonist who suffers break-up to give an entertaining track as Disco-fighter. Vir is apt for the side-kick he did. Vijay Raaz as gangster Somayajulu is amazing with his dialogue-delivery and carries off well with his (funny) gangmen.
With everything that happened, the art-direction and cinematography goes well the scenes and locations, right from the stinky streets with a dirty "bhajiawala" (who is responsible for every shit that Nitin does) to their very room. The fart sound sync with the un-scraping of the packet is just the moment. With all the major tracks as the background score, DK Bose and Bedardi Raja works good, along with the acoustic version of Jaa Chudail. The bharatnatyam kathak music from the above apartment is yet another tool for the same. The only scene that marks an unusual direction is the slow motion sortedness at the climax. The location, I wonder, if it's restricted to Delhi with no-particular ode to the title "Delhi Belly".
 Ends with a colorful track picturising Anusha Dandekar as VJ Sophaya and Aamir Khan as Disco-Fighter that promises entertainment. The remix of all the tracks of the album when end credit rolls is another entertaining track, though unreleased. With nothing-much-new story, hardly any scene stays in your head for long but the tight scripting gives you an enjoyable moment with this movie.


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