Sunday, May 6, 2012

Satyamev Jayate

Director: Satyajeet Bhatkal
Host: Aamir Khan

After almost a month of promotion as "Har Baat dil pe lagegi toh hi baat banegi" by Aamir Khan, Satyameva Jayate's first episode was aired on Star Plus, DD National & also Star Pravaah (with Marathi subtitles) today at 11 a.m. Let us see kitni baat dil pe lagi!

The show started with some scenic shots and Aamir Khan blabbering about himself as an actor and a human being. And that's what he tried to do throughout the show: I'm The Aamir Khan. I'm India's inspiring role model. The idol of common man. I'm here to change your life with this TV show for which I'm charging hefty sum.

No sooner the show started, we learn that it's kind of talk show dealing with sensitive social issues. Aamir Khan, pretending to be appealing enough for the aam - junta, does gigs like sitting at the stairs of the dais while delivering his speech to expect Oh-look, this-superstar-doesn't-mind-sitting-on-the-floor reaction.

Moving over, we are introduced with 3 ladies who narrated their ghastly tales about how they were tortured after delivering a baby girl. So that's what the topic of the day was: female foeticide & how it is related with other criminal happenings like ignorance of women in society, sexual harassment and flesh trading. Their emotions were raw. Enough to give you a gulp in the throat.

While discussing a case, crude pictures of the lady being victimized of physical assault by his husband were displayed without a blur (which is how news channels are made to show). A leading daily once made a gore picture of a bomb blast victim to the headline to which their readers irked by remarking them as selling information porn. OK. So this is how Aamir Khan wants his words to touch the hearts?

All through the interview, you can hear Aamir interrogating silly questions. "Aur kaisa feel hua aapko tab?" "Aur kya hua tha?" Genuine thoughtful questions were lacked.

And more irritating were the reactions by the audience. "Haawww" "Ohh noo.." "Ohhff" That's how general interactions with the common audience were lacked instead they were focused for their shocks and tears as if they were expecting the public watching on TV to cry too.  The flawed direction is made deliberate when a lawyer (part of the related case) interrupts midway of another interview and the interview is carried no further but diverged by the host. I don't know how many retakes were needed to shoot this!

They also ended up with some marketing of 3G technology of a telecom network by a video conference with some bachelors of Haryana who discussed bachelorhood of Salman Khan. Don't tell me this wasn't rigged!

This is how the show meant-to-be inspiring ended with the uninspiring host who asks his audience to send SMS to a number if they support the cause. Do you really think sending SMSes will help?

Finally, Aamir calls up his friend and musician Ram Sampth along with Swanand Kirkire to perform a beautiful, lyrical song "O Re Chiriya."

What we expect is some improvement in the direction of the show with retaining the raw emotions of the subject and uplifting the enthusiasm of the audience as the show ends.

P.S: If  you really want to see inspiring Aamir Khan, watch Sarfarosh or Lagaan. And if you hate Aamir's face, watch Anoop Soni on Crime Patrol. He's terrific.


blogger by mistake said...

either u hate aamir khan, or the first episode really did suck, i dint see it, and after reading your review i dont think i would want to waste an hour or so.
well written, but after all the accusations 3 and a 1/2 stars?

Divya Bhatia said...

Nice! The direction sure needs to change...i just saw it for 20mins or so and understood it was nothing special!

Anup Pandey said...

@blogger by mistake
Charitable stars as we need more such shows that cover social issues and that expecting the direction to improve!

asingh said...

I don't know much about direction, camera, take and retake, but what I do come to know from this show is reality and I pretty much agree with the facts that shows. I come from low middle class family and I was also believed Female foeticide done from lower and uneducated people. now whatever you wrote or criticized about this show, it proved that either you are doing for your publicity or you don't like Amir khan. I don't think latter is the reason. I have one question for you , have you ever written or addressed any social issue at your blog. If this shows change even one wrong doing Dr. heart then Amir is saving atleast 1000 unborn girl. what are you doing? I am not asking to you, ask yourself.

hitharth said...

i agree with asingh you criticize the direction of the show ignoring the truth it unveils, so what if its Amir Khan getting the permission to do it ... so what if the show is rigged ... so what if he earns some money through SMSes you have no idea as to how deep its gotten into people ... and this show can bring a change... go get a life ... and i understand how it works for you .... criticize the best and get some attention.

Anup Pandey said...

It's not that only this show is doing something for social cause. There are many that does that and are inspiring. Take Crime Patrol, Idea Ho Toh Aisa or talk shows on News channels like that of Barkha Dutt.
And it's not that it's only TV shows are covering such issues. Go read newspaper!
My criticism is against Aamir Khan for his pretentious and uninspiring way of hosting this show. Also the direction is flawed, which I expect to improve with episodes.
I dont hate Aamir Khan. He's a genius actor. I just accused him of being over pretentious this time.
As far as publicity or attention seeking part goes, everyone wants that. Even Aamir Khan, you see!
I had my views. You had yours. Thanks for dropping by!

viva_andya said...

yes you are perfectly right. Its all money making business as i read Amir takes 3crore for 1episode and then so since Amir is running the show, many big corporate fish will wish to be trapped and make their business.