Friday, June 15, 2012

Ferrari Ki Sawaari

Director: Rajesh Mapuskar
Cast: Sharman Joshi, Ritwik Sahore, Boman Irani

Many small joys makes you happier than a bigger one. Not only you but several hearts around. Just look at the brighter side of the life. Such is Vidhu Vinod Chopra's latest offering Ferrari Ki Sawaari, directed by Rajesh Mapuskar. No grand ambition, no superstar. Many small characters with huge hearts makes you feel rich good, if you see at the brighter side ignoring the subduing tad melodrama. 

Starts smoothly with bright picturisation of a poor Parsi family home in a Parsi colony and you are introduced with the three lead characters: Rustam (Sharman Joshi), an RTO Officer, good doer and obedient citizen who follows traffic rules also when there's no police around. His son Kayo (Ritwik Sahore) is a budding cricketer aspiring to make it to the cricket coaching camp at the Lord's, London, given his poor financial backdrop of the family. The eldest of the family, Rustam's father, Deboo (Boman Irani) was one of the best cricketer of his time who discontinued cricketing after he was sabotaged by his rival Dharmadhikari (Paresh Rawal). 

The ride picks up many characters that comes on the way: Babbu didi (Seema Pahwa) who wishes to have Ferrari in her locality at the wedding of the corporator's son Pakya (Nilesh Divekar). Rustam accidentally steals the red posh Ferrari of Sachin Tendulkar which brings two more playful characters - the driver and the watchman (Deepak Shirke) leading them onto the quest of the missing Ferrari. This is how the entire plot is constructed meticulously revolving around the huge dreams of small people.

But, no Indian road is complete with potholes that jerks your ride. You can be pulled back by the taming melodrama but majority of the Indian cinema goers have developed a taste for it. And this is where recent Vidhu Vinod Chopra movies (Lage Raho, 3 idiots) find its comfort zone. But you are never let down and you get your proper dosage of gulp in the throat and teary eyed moments. This ride reaches its maximum speed at many turns, mainly due to the performances of each cast: be it Boman Irani in his rugged look or a car mechanic for very small time of appearance. Also, it is most enjoyable when in a scene the media covers the news of a suicide of a young boy leaving the news of forged mass wedding and Sachin's ferrari. 

Family entertainment films are on a steep low in Indian cinema in recent times. And you hardly get such one. Ferrari Ki Sawaari gives you a reason to spare some time with your family. Who knows when you'll get such movies at the theatres in future.

Ferrari Ki Sawaari is a joyride. Have fun this weekend with your family! 


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