Friday, January 17, 2014

The Legend Of Hercules Review


The Legend Of Hercules (3D)

Director: Renny Harlin

Cast: Kellan Lutz, Gaia Weiss, Scott Adkins

Ratings: *

I know the title of this review is grammatically incorrect. But that's how the film is. It tries to immerse you in itself; it even thinks that it is doing it successfully; but is unaware that its audiences have already given up on it.

But that should be an achievement for its director. He has at least, with all his efforts, managed to give the film its own shoulder to carry his ambition. He won't be regretful of this film. He would (and should) be regretful of the editing, the most of all departments.

Within early minutes, you realize there's too much heavy going on the screen and almost repetitive. You'd rather stop bothering about the story. At least, I did. Mainly, because it's one of those you've read in your childhood. You must have enjoyed it back then. Watching this now, you'll only be disappointed as there's no upliftment, no major development in it. So there's no question of "rooting for the character". All you see is juxtaposition of slow-mo action sequences (seems heavily borrowed from Telugu masala flicks) lazily developed in 3D. You know that stone will come towards you even before it is hit. Come on, such action sequences in 3D is a passé. It no longer excites me, unless it is Gravity. 

If these are not enough to put you off, the characters do the rest by speaking in their inconsistently unnatural accents. Moreover, they speak in a contemporary language. Well, that's not much a problem now because there was no building up of an environment at first place where you could indulge in. Those ancient costumes (done by Sonoo Mishra) don't work alone. 

The film required a lot more. But, it is only 99 minutes long, and I've already surrendered. 

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