Thursday, January 22, 2015

Baby Music Review

"Must hear for MM Kreem"

Music: Meet Bros Anjjan/ M M Kreem
Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir
Ratings: **1/2

1. Beparwah
Beparwah sounds so dated that it makes this film seem like a Bhatt thriller. But Apeksha Dandekar’s voice sound suitable for the track.

2. Main Tujhse Pyar Nahin Karta
A romantic track (or rather unromantic, going by its title) produced on the similar lines what MM Kreem delivered for Neeraj Pandey’s last Special 26. The tune is intriguing, like that of a ghazal. And when you realize that, you crave for it to be produced that way and more when there’s a mellifluous Papon at the helm of rendering it.

3. Beparwah (MBA Swag)
All that hauntedness and thrills from the song is eliminated and replaced by harrowing rap and techno. Dandekar’s voice is made to squeak in this auto-tuning.

4. Main Tujhse Pyar Nahi Karti
This is one composition which you can tell for which its heart-aching and thoughtful lyrics was penned first and then the music was composed to fit it in. That must have made MM Kreem’s job tough but what a well done job, Sir! Such complex, layered and nuanced tune with an old-world charm. Though Ramya Behara is not perfect in this song, you will definitely loop this one for the kind of poetic composition it is. 

Baby is not the kind of film which has much scope of music in it. But for whatever little it has to offer, it did with two memorable songs by M M Kreem.

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