Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mary Kom Music Review

 Music: Shashi Suman, Shivam Pathak
Lyrics: Prasahnt Ingole, Sandeep Singh

Rating: ***

Mary Kom, starring Priyanka Chopra, is a biographical film on the Indian woman boxing champion Mary Kom. Shashi Suman debuts as a music composer with this film in Bollywood. 

1. Ziddi Dil
The sonorous and serene vocals from the mountains clears the air for thumping strings to start along with Vishal Dadlani on a hook. Though, with good arrangements as needed, it rises for a short while somewhere in the between, the track overall sounds very repetitive. 

2. Sukoon Mila
 Arijit Singh sounds routinely ordinary in this one. It is the feel-good and breezy tune that does the magic here. There’s a female version of this one in waiting, maybe with Shreya Ghoshal in it?

3. Adhure
My favorite song from this album. The pahadi folksy voice (in the start and in the background ahead) is hauntingly gorgeous enough to give you goosebumps. Its rustiness is complimented with rich contrast by Sunidhi Cahuhan’s mellowed down tone and minimal strings-led arrangement, and Suman succeeds in making it sound as an organic development of the song. 

4. Teri Baari
Teri Baari wins where Ziddi Dil couldn’t. The feel and emotion of both is same… racy and inspiring. It is Mohit Chauhan’s vocals that make the overall composition so layered despite being repetitive.

5. Saudebaazi
Arijit Singh’s second song in the album is again in his comfort-zone, in fact more so. Suman experiments beautifully with the arrangements by including mouth-organ (or is it accordion?) to make it peppier, but doesn’t impress with the tune.

6. Salaam India
Salaam India is another sporty number of the soundtrack, but it doesn’t just pile up on to the list. It is really an inspiring fusion of heavy guitars and flute, tabla, sarangi with Vishal Dadlani and Salim Merchant taking it higher with their high pitchs.

7. Chaoro (Lori)
Priyanka Chopra goes behind the microphone again to render a folk lullaby of the mountains and sounds unbelievably good. You only wish this one could have been a little longer.

With none of the song crossing even the 5 minute mark, the soundtrack is short and distinctive; and bonus points for no pointless and noisy remixes. If this soundtrack is something to go by, then I’m really looking forward to the movie. And with such highly original music, the debutant composers are here to stay!

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