Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Badlapur Music Review

“Short and scored well”
Music: Sachin-Jigar
Lyrics: Dinesh Vijan, Priya Saraiya
Ratings:  *** 1/2

1. Jee Karda
Is it because I’ve looped the song so many times already before the full album release or the tune actually has a heard-before feel to it? Whatever, it is the solid arrangements- particularly that shennai bit- that will make you repeat the song despite of its some shortcomings. The composition did demand of a more hardcore rock treatment to it. But, it’s stunning to see how Sachin-Jigar takes the most out of Divya Kumar’s expansive range. 

The song does have a rock version which starts kicking some right notes. But what is mildly disappointing is the techno-kind of intrusion in the vocals of this proclaimed rock song. But then those harmonium and amazing grungy guitar pedaling covers up for that. 

2. Jeena Jeena
Recently, Sachin-Jigar’s songs for Atif had started sounding all similar. This one- a solo by Atif Aslam- is thankfully a different creation but on the same romantic palette, in which he is comparably mellow and is hitting soft notes. 

There exists a remix version which starts very loung’ish but then goes overboard with that entire electronic hodgepodge even killing Atif’s soft rendition of the actual song.

3. Judaai
Sachin-Jigar experimented with Rekha Bhardwaj’s voice in a club number on their last collaboration (Mileya Mileya in Happy Ending), which was similar to what Pritam did with Kavita Seth in Cocktail’s Tumhi Ho Bandhu. The duo composers, this time, hit the ball out of the boundary with this track- letting Rekhaji go on her lowest notes that you’ve probably never heard her like this before; redefining melancholy in Bollywood’s scheme. Wait, they even try a Rahmanesque overlapping of vocals- of Arjit’s and Rekha’s- near the end of the song. But only if they could put soul as does Rahman…

5 songs with their same old set of singers but each one of them made heard refreshingly new, Sachin-Jigar scores well in this short and experimental soundtrack.

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